AYE NAKO are homopop/queercore punk dreamboats hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Featuring members of now defunct bands (but still totally awesome and you should listen to) CHEEKY and FLEABAG, Aye Nako is Marilyn on guitar/vocals, Joe on bass, and Angie on drums. If you like punchy, poppy, get-your-feet-moving with seemingly sweet vocals, make sure you check out Aye Nako FRIDAY NIGHT, JULY 13TH at this year’s C.L.I.T. FEST. Make sure to buy one of their %1 MY ASS t-shirts in a wide range of colors and styles too!

Here’s a vid of them playing acoustic for If You Make It’s Pink Couch Sessions.

You can also download their five song demo, here at





Burma’s underground punk scene

And so continues my delighted research of non-white, non-Western punk!

You know

The OP said these particular punks were Burmese

It’s cool to be interested in punks scenes outside of America and Europe,

but you don’t have to say they’re ‘non-white’ at the sight of a darker skin tone or an epicanthic fold or a different hair texture

It’s okay to acknowledge nationality in addition to race, because these punks aren’t defined by simply not being white and not from Europe or America. They aren’t ‘not white’, ‘not western’ they are Burmese. They’re east Asian. 

They’re not stripped down, liberal science projects without white skin. They’re people. They’re Burmese, and it’s probably good to remember that because punk is highly focused in on the local scene. Them being from Burma is probably really important to them, them being from a particular city in Burma is also probably really important.

If white, western punks don’t rule the alternative world(and they don’t), then you don’t have to talk about them simply as being a lack of white skin and western geography.